Tattoo Aftercare


Leave dressing on for 1-2 hours

Wash tattooed area thoroughly with warm soapy water. pat dry with a clean towel or tissue. Do not re-dress the new tattoo!                     

       We recommend that you apply either Savlon cream, E45 cream or Tattoo Goo from day one.

     After a few days a light scab will form, Do not pick or scratch the scab!!!

The tattooed area may swell, be sore, weep and then itch. This is completely normal. A Tattoo is a wound and will react as such.

We do not recommend swimming or sunbathing until tattoo is completely healed.

 If the Tattoo becomes contaminated with dirt or grease during your working day, wash and dry immediately and keep covered with protective clothing.

Finally - We always take the utmost care over your tattoos. Our sterile procedure is to hospital standards and we are licensed by the local environment dept. That is our Guarantee! However we cannot guarantee how you will care for your new Tattoo and therefore we will not be responsible for any problems that may occur once you have left our studio.

 For any advice don't hesitate to contact us!


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