Steve Clarke - AKA Klunky

It was klunky's passion for music and the 80's punk/psychobilly scene that was the inspiration of himself becoming tattooed. Born in '66, he went to Ian of Reading at his Sailsbury Road studio for his first tattoo in 1985. Like many others, it was the beginning of many years under the needle. Being a regular customer to Ian's they forged a friendship and so entrusted Ian a free reign to express his ideas. The result - some amazing work from the award winning artist. Klunky became part of the crew involved in the highly successful Expo which was held in Dunstable and ran for many years. Like many things, the success of the event meant the organisers (Ian being one of the founders) had no where big enough to host the event and so Expo came to an end .... During these years Ian expanded his studio taking on many talented artists along the way. In 1996 he approached klunky to work in the studio as his apprentice and in 1997 he took on the role full time. After 7 years working with some of the worlds most respected and talented tattoo artists Klunky took the plunge and opened his own studio in June 2003.




Matt Groves

Matt  has been the longest serving member of the existing team and joined us in late 2006.  Friendly and helpful and that little bit different - we feel Matt represents all what Tat2-u is about !!  As well as always providing a professional service to customers needs with regards to tattoo's, Matt is also our resident Piercier.  


Paul Schultz

Paul is our newest member of staff and joined Tat2-u in 2009. Paul is outgoing and friendly, and always keen to help and find out exactly what our customers requirements are.

Paul is also our laser removal expert, and can advise on any unwanted tattoos for removal or partial reduction for a cover up!

e-mail him if you have any questions :- studio@tat2-u.com