Piercing prices



Over the past few years body piercing has become popular amongst all age groups. It is also becoming a more acceptable form of self expression.

People get pierced for lots of different reasons. Some do it to show their individuality or they see their piercings as a necessary part of their overall style or look, some get pierced because it is fashionable, looks good and is as permanent as they want it to be, and others do it for their own private personal reasons.

The body can be pierced almost anywhere where there is enough skin to couch the piercing.
Obviously no two people are the same so the placement of the piercing has to be done to suit each individual.
Lastly you must be aware that no two people will heal in the same way.

The biggest misconception about body piercing is that anyone can do it.
There are many risks involved if the piercer is untrained, or does not have access to the correct equipment.

The Studio you choose should be registered with the Health Authority and they should be willing to answer any questions that you might have.

Consider the Following Points Carefully Before Getting Your Piercing

How Will Your Lifestyle Affect Your Piercing

Sometimes, your 'life-style' can be a factor that aggravates the jewellery in your piercing. More often than not these activities are infrequent enough not to cause any real problems. Infrequent exercise might not be a problem, but regular and vigorous activities can aggravate the jewellery in a fresh or healing, or even old and healed, piercing. Withholding from, or temporarily limiting the activities, until the piercing has healed well, can help it last longer. This applies to the type of jewellery you use for your initial piercing. Some jewellery will 'stick-out' more where it 'sits' on the body and will have a greater chance of being 'caught', snagged or 'banged' into.

Choose the Right Size Jewellery

Location should affect the choice of jewellery chosen for use in the initial piercing. Proper jewellery sizes and gauges are important decisions to make prior to piercing. Examples include using a 22mm long barbell for an eyebrow piercing, which is ridiculous, unless a very angry Hulk fancies any more body modification.

Listen to Advice

The size and shape of the area to be pierced should be taken into account. Any good piercer will thoroughly check the area before piercing, and help the customer decide on appropriate jewellery before performing the procedure. Customers should be prepared to accept the fact that they might not be able to successfully 'have' a piercing in the area of their choice, and in the manner of their choosing. By all means get a second opinion; then get a third or fourth or fifth, because if five good piercers think a piercing can be done there, then any one of them is capable of doing it. But if five piercers advise you against doing it, its probably best not to.

Dress Appropriately

Give yourself enough time that you can dress appropriately; for example, avoid getting a navel piercing, then zipping yourself back into your skin-tight, all body lycra jump-suit to leave the studio. Obviously it's a bad idea to wear skin tight, all body lycra jump-suits when going for any piercing below the jaw line (I'm assuming that the neck line of your skin tight, all body lycra jump-suit is quite high). You get my point. That goes for accessories too; like huge belt buckles